New Innovative CCTV / Lighting Solutions
That Protects, Secures and Increases Sales

The ROI Power of LSI Lighting/CCTV Solutions

Illuminate and secure with LSI Lighting/CCTV Solutions. Our cutting-edge designs not only elevate your store’s appeal but also boost sales, safety, and security. Experience the synergy of top-tier commercial lighting paired with advanced CCTV surveillance. Whether it’s integrating with Archer and Forward Throw canopy lighting for retail spaces or embedding cameras in digital menu speaker boxes for QSRs with License Plate Recognition, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our area lighting poles come fortified with the latest smart camera tech, keeping parking lots safe from vandalism and theft.

Elevate your security and safety while optimizing costs with LSI. Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in tailored solutions that positively impact your bottom line. With LSI, ensure efficient, profitable operations and comprehensive asset protection. Choose LSI, your trusted partner in security excellence.

LSI Lighting/CCTV solutions:

Deters criminals preferring easier,
darker and more vulnerable targets

Maximizes camera performance,
ideal for Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition applications


Study shows improving your outdoor lighting increases
your night and early morning sales by 22%.*

Help employees feel safer
increasing employee retention


Significantly reduces loitering

Superior project implementation with LSI Adapt team managing over 30,000 license installers.

Custom Integrated CCTV Solutions

Quick Serve Restaurants,
Refueling Stations,
Automotive Dealership

Security Challenges

Retail & physical theft is the highest it’s ever been. Major retailers like Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, and Walmart reported more than 100% increase in theft during the past twelve months. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) is estimating that retailers lost $94.5 billion last year due to shoplifting. Retailers have also experienced a large increase in workplace violence. Protecting retail employees isn’t just about safety but also retention.

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